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Project Description

Jims termite and pests control


  • Project Type : Website Design, SEO, Online Marketing,  Social Media and Maintenance

  • Client: Jims Termite & Pests Control

  • Year: 2018

  • Project Descriptions: Jim’s Pest Control are able to take care of your commercial pest control requirements, from one-off treatments to serviced contracts to meet your commercial obligations. At Reborn Marketing we develop and re-design the website for Jim’s Termite & Pests Control with fresh and modern design. We also do the SEO services and social media marketing to get more leads and sales.


They rightfully put the fear into most people for the damage they can cause. We are your local experts at Detecting, Treating and providing Preventative Solutions so that your can be confident they have been dealt with.

Pest Inspections

Using technology, honed skills and attention to detail if there is a pest to be found we’ll find it! Our reports are comprehensive, clearly explained and provide you with the knowledge to decide on your next step.

Domestic Pests

Pests in an around your home are annoying at best, dangerous at worst. We know how to control them so that you can enjoy your home. Call 131 546 now for a FREE QUOTE and an appointment time.



We are loved to get in touch and talk about your company goals, we are not number one company in the world, but we are listening and learning about how to grow together and reach your company goals, please share your idea with us.

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